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What does sleuth means? That is the common question come across whenever one mentions the Feluda the sleuth…. Well after lot of question on the same, I am including this as a new category!!! Thanks for asking in this regard, this makes my blog enriched by one more category…

Tracking down the history of the word sleuth requires a bit of etymological sleuthing. The immediate ancestor of our word is the compound sleuthhound, “a dog, such as a bloodhound, used for tracking or pursuing.” This term took on a figurative sense, “tracker, pursuer,” which is closely related to the sense “detective.” From sleuthhound came the shortened form sleuth, recorded in the sense “detective” as early as 1872. The first part of the term sleuthhound means “track, path, trail,” and is first recorded in a Middle English work written probably around 1200. The Middle English word, which had the form sloth, with eu representing the Scots development of the Middle English (ō), was a borrowing of the Old Norse word slōdh, “a track or trail.”

If we see the Thesaurus for Sleuth then, It is a person whose work is investigating crimes or obtaining hidden evidence or information: detective, investigator. Informal eye. Slang dick, gumshoe.

Also, find certain Theatre, film and other places where SLEUTH has been used….

Theatre and film

* Sleuth (play) a 1970 play by Anthony Shaffer
* Sleuth (1972 film), a film adaptation of the Anthony Shaffer play, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
* Sleuth (2007 film), a film adaptation of the Anthony Shaffer play, adapted by Harold Pinter and directed by Kenneth Branagh
* The Sleuth (1925 film), a silent era film featuring Stan Laurel


* Sleuth (TV channel), an American cable television network owned by NBC Universal
* The Sleuth (Disney), a fictional Disney character
* Sleuth (computer game)
* Sleuth (Internet RPG)

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