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Baksho Rahasya

Bakso Rahashya is a Bengali novel by Satyajit Ray featuring the private detective Feluda. Also known as Mystery of Kalka Mail

Plot summary

Feluda is approached by an established businessman who claims to have mistakenly swapped his suitcase (bakso) in a train with one belonging to one of his co-passengers and now wants Feluda to put it straight. This simple looking problem lands Feluda, Topshe and Lalmohan babu in Shimla, and into a realm of deceit and mystery involving a long forgotten diamond and a priceless manuscript about A Bengalee in LamalandBesides ‘THE THREE MUSKTEERS’ we have Dinanath Lahiri…the rich kindhearted businessman,his nephew,Prabeer Lahiri who is a striving actor but too much obsessed with his only weakness,his voice. the rest three characters in this story are the ones who were with Dinanath Lahiri in his 1st class compartment,Mr.Pakrashi,Mr. Brijmohan,&Mr.Dhameeja whogot his attache exchanged with Mr. Lahiri. So our THREE MUSKTEERS fly off to shimla to get back the attache meanwhile they make a mindblowing discovery.

Feluda’s investigations finally put the wrong-doers behind bars.