Lalmohan Ganguly – Introduction

He is also known as  “Jatayu.”

Lalmohan Babu, is a close friend of Felu and is described as the author of a series of Bengali crime thrillers written under the pseudonym Jatayu. His novels are described in the stories as unbelievable, considering that his main character is always the six-and-a-half foot tall superhero Prakhar Rudra. Though all his novels seem to have become bestsellers, he often tends to make extremely silly mistakes such as spelling igloos as ilgoos. (In Baksho Rahasya or A Mysterious Case) he confuses hippos with walruses – a tendency that Feluda often tries to correct. He sometimes serves as a perfect foil to the group and in Ray’s own words provides “dollops of humour”, although he sometimes does some brave acts not expected of him. He owns a green ambassador car. In the first two films on Feluda, which were directed by Ray himself, the character was played by Santosh Dutta, and after the first one, Ray modified the character to some extent, making him look and behave quite like Santosh Dutta. Jatayu lives at Gar Par in Kolkata, Ray’s own childhood neighborhood.

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