Topshe – Introduction

Tapesh Ranjan Mitra – He is Feluda’s cousin, who is fondly referred to as Topshe. Topshe is based on Sherlock Holmes’ John Watson. He is the quintessential accomplice and faithfully records each adventure accurately. Though Feluda often teases his young nephew, he is extremely fond of Tapesh and is very protective of him. Topshe’s father is the younger brother of Feluda’s father. Feluda lives with Topshe’s family at 27, Rajani Sen Road, Kolkata-700019. Although there really is a Rajani Sen Road in Kolkata, the house numbering only goes up to 26.


One thought on “Topshe – Introduction

  1. rupanjana says:

    THANK YOU for giving this information.I am a great fan of FELUDA and TOPSHE.

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